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Individual Entrepreneur Verin Konstantin Vladimirovich

رقم التعريف الضريبي772086189000

عنوان8, block 1, Suzdalskaya st., Moscow, 111673

هاتف+7 (916) 270-07-69

(HS 2017) رمز المنتج
940360 Furniture; wooden, other than for office, kitchen or bedroom use

(NACE REV.2) نوع الأنشطة
31.09 Manufacture of other furniture
أسواق التصدير الحالية
عن الشركة
ODINGENIY is a creative designer furniture, made in Russia. Production was founded in 2013 by Konstantine and Daria. The basis for the creation of his brand was the desire to make interesting furniture of good natural materials The main for ODINGENIY - to create furniture as a functional work of art. To date, the company has its own production, so we do everything ourselves - from sawing up to painting. This allows us to control the quality of the products at each stage of their creation. Brand has more than 80 own furniture items and participation in Russian and international exhibitions and competitions in the field of subject design.
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