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Instruments, appliances and machines; for measuring or checking n.e.c. in chapter 90
Metal and non-metal pipeline locator with water leak detection function "Success TPT-522N"
The most advanced locating kit combining the functions of three devices: cable locator, water leak detector, non-metal pipe locator. Features AP-027 receiver, powerful transmitter and special impact device for the detection of non-metal pipelines. Features: AP-027 digital location receiver; 60W AG-144 transmitter; acoustic leak detection function; UM-112 impact device for non-metal pipeline location. Brief description: two modes of operation: leak detection and route location; receiver frequencies: 50 to 60Hz/100 to 120Hz/512Hz 1024Hz/8192Hz/33kHz; transmitter frequencies: Hz - 512/ 1024/8928; storage of 31 signal level with a graph displayed; visual indication of the signal on the display: scale, graphic and spectrum.