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Medical, surgical instruments and appliances; electro-diagnostic apparatus (including apparatus for functional exploratory examination or for checking physiological parameters), n.e.c. in item no. 9018.1
The ANGIODIN-Procto system is designed to implement minimally invasive Doppler-guided treatment of hemorrhoids. The basic treatment technique of the ANGIODIN-Procto is the ADL – Artery Detection & Ligation. The ADL and accompanying procedures are used to cure hemorrhoidal disease at all stages. The core of the system is Doppler Unit and Unique Proctoscopes. The Doppler unite has all Doppler modes which are aimed to determine the precise location of the artery. The original proctoscope LDL-2 has built-in Doppler sensor and integrated dispersed multi LED light. The special design of the LDL-2 combined with the advanced Doppler modes gives unmatched precise control and accessibility to perform safe and effective treatment of hemorrhoidal disease.