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Printing, copying, and facsimile machines; single-function printing, copying or facsimile machines, capable of connecting to an automatic data processing machine or to a network
3D printer Prism Special Dual
FDM Delta-printer with the largest workspace in the range of industrial Delta-printers, with automatic calibration and closed camera. It can print all the main types of plastic thanks to two-way blowing model and the mechanism of thread tension regulation. Two feeding mechanisms allow printing with 2 types of plastic at the same time. This printer is the best solution for architectural modeling and prototyping Specifications: Overall dimensions 620 * 710 * 1945 mm Printing area form: round Working space diameter 400mm, height 1260mm Printing head speed – up to 200 mm / s Diameter of the nozzle 0,8 mm Minimum layer thickness - 0.05 mm Control over Wi-Fi Printing materials - ABS, PLA, HIPS, FLEX, Watson, PVA Diameter of plastic 1,75 mm Number of feeders - 2 Number of nozzles - 1.