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Ceramic wares; for laboratory, chemical or other technical uses, other than articles having a hardness equivalent to 9 or more on the Mohs scale or of porcelain or china
Ceramic filter element (plate)
The base of CDF filters are ceramic filtering plate sectors, which are mounted on the filter shaft. As the shaft rotates, microporous filter elements are immersed into the slurry where cake is created due to capillary forces. Filtrate is drained from the cavity of sectoral elements by the vacuum pump and drain channels. This process allows for capturing the majority of solid particles with minimum airflow and significantly reduces power consumption for vacuum maintenance. Dehydrated cake is removed from the surface of filter elements with ceramic blades. After cake is removed, a small portion of water is fed into the sectoral element by the back flushing system for filtering surface activation. The filter is provided with an ultrasonic and acid system for filter elements recovery, which ensures most efficient cleaning.