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Bra and panty set «Josephine»
A luxurious feminine bra without underwire, the embodiment of vintage romance in the style of the 1950s. The front zipper creates a comfortable support for larger breast sizes. Elastic straps accentuate the body lines and ease the strain on the back and shoulders. French lace, velvet edging create a fashionable and modern accent that you want to show. High-waist panties from the same collection complement the set. High waist, firming effect, compression mesh knitwear “PowerNet”, delicate French lace, velvet edging – the details create the lingerie "Haute couture". To love oneself starts with the attitude towards your body. Only the best fabrics, high quality cut, unique design gives the feeling that the model is “made to order”. The side zipper allows easy dressing, regardless of figure type. Panties from the collection "Josephine" is not just an element of underwear. This is a versatile addition to a wardrobe.