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(HS 2017) رمز المنتج
Medicaments; consisting of mixed or unmixed products n.e.c. in heading no. 3004, for therapeutic or prophylactic uses, packaged for retail sale
Enterosgel is a gel-like oral intestinal adsorbent that binds toxic substances of various nature, causative agents of diseases, metabolites in the gastrointestinal tract and eliminates them naturally. Enterosgel does not reduce the absorption of vitamins and trace elements.The main clinical effects of Enterosgel:• Mitigates or prevents toxic and allergic reactions.• Helps stop diarrhoea or shortens its duration.• Accelerates the excretion of alcohol from the body.• Helps restore normal gut microflora.• Protects the gastrointestinal mucosa and helps repair damage.• Reduces the toxic load on the liver and kidneys.Enterosgel can be taken during pregnancy and lactation.Composition: polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate - 70%, purified water - 30%.