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LLC MDK-Medica


地址125252, Moscow, Sorge str., 36

电话+7 (495) 151-82-91

MDK-Medica is a modern dynamically developing company for the development and production of medical products, cosmetics and medicines. The company's mission is to provide the population with affordable medical products, cosmetics and medicines, to develop a market for innovative domestic drugs in order to improve the quality of life and preserve people's health. Using our experience and knowledge, we solve problems and implement projects of a high level of complexity. The main activities of the company: -research activities in the field of pharmaceuticals, production of medical products and cosmetics; -production and sale on the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, medical devices, cosmetics, chemical raw materials, supplies Development and marketing of innovative medical products, cosmetics and medicines.
活动类型 (NACE REV.2)
21.20 Manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations
产品代码 (HS 2017)
300610 Pharmaceutical goods; sterile surgical catgut, suture materials, tissue adhesives, laminaria, laminaria tents, absorbable surgical or dental haemostatics, and surgical or dental adhesion barriers