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LLC "Arta Grupp"


地址3, Sokolovskogo street, Moscow, 123060

电话+7 (499) 490-08-80

The company "Arta group" LLC was founded in 2015. Our company produces more than 200 types of seasonings, spices and instant cereals. Our goal is to make for you a quality product and provide a wide range. To do this, we regularly send our raw materials for inspection and receive all the necessary certificates. If you did not find any seasoning on the site, please follow the link and send us your request. At the end of the year, we will analyze the list of responses received and introduce the top 10 most popular items on sale.
活动类型 (NACE REV.2)
10.84 Condiments and spices production
产品代码 (HS 2017)
850940 Food grinders and mixers; juicers for fruits or vegetables