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地址108840, 莫斯科, 特罗伊茨克,瑙奇纳亚路, 3号, 5号, 7号

电话+7 (499) 400-62-25

活动类型 (NACE REV.2)
72.19 Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering
产品代码 (HS 2017)
902490 Machines and appliances; parts and accessories for those testing hardness, strength, compressibility, elasticity or other mechanical properties of materials (e.g. metal, wood, textiles, paper, plastics)

820750 Tools, interchangeable; (for machine or hand tools, whether or not power-operated), tools for drilling (other than rock)

710490 Stones; precious or semi-precious, synthetic or reconstructed, (not piezo-electric quartz), worked or graded or not, (but not strung, mounted or set), temporarily strung for transport convenience, n.e.c. in item no. 7104.20