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地址69Б, office 902, Novocheremushinskaya street, Moscow, 117418

电话+7 (499) 271-97-60

The GEOSVIP trademark – Geo-physical VIbration search systems - is well-known on the oil and gas and exploration market of Russia, CIS countries and far abroad. A long-term experience in the field of development and production of equipment for development and field geophysics and a fruitful cooperation with leading foreign companies allow JSC GEOSVIP to produce competitive seismic equipment at the level of the best world achievements. All vibrators are certified by Gosstandart of the Russian Federation and satisfy the increased requirements to the quality and informativeness of field materials for seismic exploration. The transport bases of sources are a new development based on the mass produced by KAMAZ, URAL (Russia) and MoAZ (Belarus) chassis, as well as the special chassis of its own design for snow cover operations in conditions of temperatures as low as -50o C.
活动类型 (NACE REV.2)
29.10 Manufacture of motor vehicles
产品代码 (HS 2017)
901590 Surveying equipment; parts and accessories for articles of heading no. 9015